Crystal Healing

- $35

Crystals have properties of healing. You may do this as a separate session or in addition to your Reiki session.  Special crystals representing several physical ailments will be placed on areas on your body and then activated. Clear Quartz crystals may also be used. 

Payment will be taken at time of service completion.

​Returned Check Fee $35.00

Sessions in your home

- $ Cost of Session and $.35 cents per mile over 30 miles

Discounts can be given for veterans, elderly, cancer and/or chemotherapy patients or other issues. Please contact For specific details and arrangements.

Other Services

Long Distance Healing

- $35

Allows me to send you or another recipient  Distance Healing. Standard Session is 30 minutes long. Includes a phone call clarifying what issues are, to whom Reiki is being sent, and a follow-up phone call to see how the Reiki session was.  Is this healing for someone else?  Please provide details on specific healing issue to be addressed. 

All mileage will be determined by Map Quest from 1091. S. Bowie St. New Boston, TX.

Timeless Reiki

Reiki for Animals

- $25    $.35 cents per mile over 30 miles

Animals respond wonderfully to Reiki.  Any type of animal can be treated with a Reiki session. Depending on the type of the animal, Reiki can be done Hands On or Hands Off, through cages, in the setting of your home, or even in your yard or pasture.

Traveling Reiki


Chakra Balancing

- $35

Chakra (energy centers) of the body may need to be realigned and centered. This may be done by pendulum activation or by feeling or touch.  All 7 chakras will be balanced in this session.